The Design Collection

Greenmood has collaborated with numerous renowned designers in order to develop a high-quality product range that successfully integrates biophilic elements to innovative concepts.

About the collection

 Creating inspiringwork environments

Creating inspiring
work environments

The concept, developed by Alain Gilles, is based on bringing the splendour of the natural world into commercial spaces and connecting busy professionals and their customers with the benefits of preserved plants.

Each product of the collection acts not only as a natural sound absorber but also helps to reduce stress and promote the general wellbeing we usually find when we go out walking in nature.

Absorbs sound
Soothes the mind
Eases the spirit

The secret to a well-balanced corporate interior is not just in how it looks and functions but also in how it sounds. Noise pollution in working places results in poor concentration, reduced levels of collaboration, increased stress, discomfort, etc. The solution is to reduce this ambient noise for the benefit of management, employees, and visiting customers and clients. Our products at Greenmood is specifically designed to absorb sound, a natural way. All products are made using preserved mosses, with acoustic benefits at the forefront of their creation. 

Absorbs sound Soothes the mindEases the spirit
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