Forstærk jeres image ved at bruge farven grøn!

Dekoration, skiltning eller logo… lavet af et 100% naturligt plantemateriale. Konserverede planter kræver ingen vand, intet lys, ingen vedligeholdelse.

Med jeres personliggjorte logoer kan I booste jeres brand-image over for jeres kunder. Alle produkter er håndlavet af vores team på vores eget værksted. Prøv det!

Mos Logo Eksempler:


Send us pictures of your logo and details of your project and we’ll discuss the details and help you to choose the best options for your green logo.
  • Which moss to use
  • The material of the support
  • The Colors, size…
  • How it is filled (outlined? background?…)

Once the project is defined, we’ll need a vector file of the logo in order to prepare it for production.
  • We take care of details, clean the strokes of the logo, and if needed we transform the shapes to match the project
  • If you don’t own the vector file we ‘ll need to create it from a picture, which takes some time (vector files are .ai .eps .svg .pdf)
The support is produced by CNC machines, with high precision, according to the vector file.
  • Depending on the project parts are cut and/or drilled
  • Spaces for the plants are created
  • Extra factory works possible (print, vinyl stickers, hanging holes…)
This support is then filled by hand with desired moss, in our dedicated workshops.
  • Handworking allows to find pieces fitting perfectly in the small areas
  • We take particular care of small details (logos are made of details)
  • In the end, support is cleaned and moss fixation checked to insure long term resistance
The Green Logo is ready to be installed, we can send it to you or you can ask us an installation offer.
  • Most of the projects are made to be simply screwed or glued in place
  • In case of separated pieces, we provide a sticking installation plan, allowing perfect spacing and alignment of the parts.
  • Installation by our team is not included in the offers (unless it is indicated)